Investing in Humanity

Funding Impact uniquely bridges healthcare and real estate investing to deliver healthy returns while enacting lasting humanitarian change.

Setting Communities Up For Success

Funding Impact was created with ONE mission in mind… To help an underserved community of over 7.4 million people in the USA.

The Philanthropist’s Fund

We weren’t content with the status quo of investment funds simply driving returns. We envisioned something different—a fund that transforms lives as it grows wealth.

So we built a philanthropic coalition of heart-led investors, united by a shared conviction that profit and humanitarian progress can go hand-in-hand.

And we do this by carefully directing capital toward marginalized communities neglected for too long.

Through an innovative fusion of healthcare and real estate development, we’re uplifting these overlooked neighborhoods holistically, addressing chronic needs.

And this is only the beginning…our fund is a catalyst sparking a wave of positive renewal in these communities.

Safe Havens for Special Needs Adults

We provide thoughtful housing solutions so overlooked groups and vulnerable individuals with special needs can feel empowered living as their true selves.

But we build more than just residential facilities – we construct frameworks promoting care, support and true belonging.

Because purpose-driven supportive housing transforms lives once restricted by limits.

And where people facing profound challenges can heal and thrive as whole people embraced in community.

Honoring the Struggle That Paved This Painful Road

For over a century, individuals with special needs endured exclusion and breathless advocacy just for basic human rights.

They were locked away in abhorrent conditions in the 1880s and were barred from public schools until the 1920s.

And it wasn’t until the tidal shift sparked by tireless advocates in the 1970s, did federal law finally deem this community worthy of specialized education.

Finally, in the 1990s, another hard-won victory compelled reasonable inclusion accommodations, lighting the path towards equitable relationships and dissolving the barriers that once rendered beautiful souls unseen. Today, the marginalization narrative continues evolving, but the work is still unfinished.

The Problem – A Housing Crisis Of Unfathomable Scale

Now the time has come to rewrite this story because progress depends on collective action to realign priorities and solutions to those who’ve been marginalized for far too long.

When over 7 million citizens with disabilities get swallowed up by gaps that fail to provide accessible housing, we face a conscience crisis.

And barely 5% of homes offer the access this community needs, with public care only reaching 17% of those that need help.

So, this leaves nearly 6.1 million vulnerable individuals without critical housing and support.

We cannot wait any longer to address such a large-scale of unmet needs.

Because restoring justice begins when communities long overlooked take center stage at last.

The Solution – Intensive Behavioral Homes

Our IB homes provide attentive housing that complex special needs require. Leveraging Florida’s Waiver Program covering up to 100% of costs, these thoughtfully designed shelters serve an overlooked market yearning for dignity.

With in-home medical support also funded and billable, we create refuge while sustaining our mission via multiple revenue streams – returns from the physical properties plus insurance payments for care services administered on-site. This intersection of real estate and healthcare drives both profit and purpose.

The Investment Opportunity

Building Inclusivity: $24.5M Drive for Homes for Special Needs Adults in Florida

We are seeking $24.5 million in expansion funding to acquire properties and provide homes for special needs adults in the state of Florida.

Invest with Purpose: 20%Target Investor IRR That Transforms Lives

We offer investors an unparalleled opportunity that generates attractive portfolio returns through reliable real estate investment while making a profound humanitarian difference.

Our specialized housing ensures consistent, healthy cash flows, leveraging long-term partnerships and insurance billing for on-site care.

This unique blend of people and property creates value for both communities and our fund, with an impressive 20% IRR for our investors.

Your Capital, Their Story: Be a Force in the Funding Impact Movement for Change.

Embark on a journey to reshape futures through impactful investments. Join us in aligning your capital with deserving communities, bringing visibility and respect that’s been long overdue.

Why Funding Impact?

Because capital deployment has long been viewed through a binary lens – either philanthropic or profit-driven.

We decided to challenge that narrative by launching a unique real estate fund that ethically intertwines social responsibility with property investment.

Led by General Partners merging business acumen with empathy, we possess a profound understanding of marginalized groups in healthcare.

And we present a unique opportunity that appeals to investors pursuing both portfolio performance and societal impact.

We believe that a unique fund such as ours will appeal to investors looking to create meaningful impact within the communities they invest in – which is why we’re inviting you to help us in our mission.

Build the future with us.

Reshaping Lives Takes Dedication. Bring Yours to Our Team.

We are seeking dedicated professionals to fill roles such as Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), Human Resources specialists, Board-Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and various operational and specialized care positions.

Passionate about creating lasting change in people’s lives?

Your dedication will play a vital role as we reshape lives by providing specialized care and support. Together, we can build an amazing team and have a tangible impact.

If you feel called to be part of something greater, now is the time. Let’s create positive change, one project at a time. At Funding Impact, we transform passions into meaningful impact.

Invest to Ignite Impact – Let’s Have A Conversation

If you are compelled to be a part of our meaningful mission, we invite you to invest and build with us.

To learn more and explore investment opportunities, contact our team at or (801) 664-6665 to schedule an introductory call.

Our leadership can walk you through the investment process, projected returns, social initiatives, and any other questions you may have.

We’d be honored to discuss partnering with mission-driven investors who are passionate about empowering overlooked communities through strategic capital deployment.

Together, we can transform lives by funding impact.

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