World Class Leadership Team

Mitch A. Nelson
General Partner

Mitch Nelson is widely considered one of Salt Lake City’s preeminent multi & single housing investment authorities with 25+ years of market experience and over $100 million in aggregate transactions.

He’s a skilled syndicator and deal executive, Mitch maintains a sharp eye attuned to market cycles and property potential. He built and leads an expanding sought-after team that moves with precision from start to finish when pursuing lucrative investments.

As an international speaker, bestselling real estate author and an Instagram following of over 40,000 followers, Mitch generously educates newcomers and longtime players on proven philosophies around creating wealth through property ownership, deal structuring and value enhancement.

Michael Irizarry
General Partner

Leveraging over 6 years of investment banking experience, Michael is a virtuoso fundraiser and savvy dealmaker. As co-founder of Gateway Capital Growth, he connects companies with the strategic expansion capital needed to scale through his extensive network and strong banking relationships.

Over the past year alone, Michael has secured over $20 million for companies. He fosters invaluable relationships between entrepreneurs and private lenders that fund growth initiatives and deliver excellent investor returns.

Pursuing his Series 65, Michael leverages his mastery of raising material capital and structuring transformative deals to drive continued portfolio value. His track record and passion for sustainable business make him a trusted asset.

Marcus Wendt
General Partner

With over 13 years of experience, Marcus built a 7-figure business in less than 4 years. He helped raise $250K in manufacturing capital and is exceptional at sales, marketing, and branding.

Marcus specializes in forming strategic alliances, building and finding the right people for teams, and raising capital. Having a family member and close friends with children with special needs, Marcus is inspired to create positive impact for disabled communities.

When it comes to translating strategic plans into tangible outcomes, few can match Marcus’s prowess and tenacity. He is uniquely skilled at breaking down complex initiatives into executable steps and diligently ensuring each milestone is achieved. Marcus brings ruthless discipline, focus and accountability – driving projects forward fluidly from conception to completion.

Whether launching new campaigns or speaking to stakeholders, he aims to help employees, partners, and communities. Marcus brings an empathetic lens to his work and is committed to building a more inclusive world. Separately, he has invested and loaned over $100,000 of his own money into different projects and companies.

Hannah Newman
General Partner

Hannah’s been in the marketing industry for 6+ years. She was personally mentored by marketing giant Alex Hormozi, who later sold his company for more than $45 million – of which Hannah spent 3 years helping to grow.

She’s personally managed more than $30M+ in ad spend and has a proven track record of helping businesses generate multiple 6, 7, and even 8+ figures.

On a more personal note, Hannah has a special needs child and feels the constraints of a broken system more than most.

Her personal vested interest, for the sake of her son and millions of other special needs individuals, paired with deep entrepreneurial expertise, makes her uniquely equipped to rapidly scale this fund.

Uzair Afzal
Investment Committee

As CEO and Founder of Blue Arc Accounting and Tax, Uzair leverages over 15 years expertise advising 300+ businesses on accounting, tax, audits and diligence. Previously serving as an IRS auditor, his meticulous eye for detail aided multiple IRS fraud investigations.

Additionally, Uzair excels in investment due diligence, building cash flow models to evaluate profitability. With extensive experience assessing hedge funds, private equity and high net worths, he ensures transparency for clients to gauge potential.

By combining accounting oversight with investment analysis, he fosters sustainable growth through comprehensive projections and diligence. Having someone with Uzair’s rare skillset and dedication to diligence greatly boosts investor confidence in financial projections and analysis.